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G1EA: 011 - Exploring Word Variations and Meanings.

Zuri and the Magical Wordscape

Step into the world of listening and speaking as we explore the sub-strand of pronunciation and vocabulary. In this exciting journey, you will uncover the secrets to perfecting your pronunciation and expanding your vocabulary. The story will captivate your imagination, while the notes will provide you with essential tips and tricks. Engage in interactive activities that will sharpen your skills and make learning enjoyable. Finally, put your knowledge to the test with a thrilling quiz that promises to challenge your understanding. Get ready to unlock the power of effective communication and become a master of pronunciation and vocabulary. Don't wait any longer - let's embark on this adventure together!

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1. Which of the following words has a different meaning from the rest?
2. Which word contains the same sound as "phone"?
3. Which word has a different pronunciation from the others?
4. Which word has a different meaning from the rest?