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G4E: 003 - Active Listening for Understanding.

"The Letters Family: A Magical Journey of Words and Values"

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of listening and speaking, as we explore the sub-strand of Pronunciation and Vocabulary: Listening Comprehension. Through a captivating story, engaging notes, interactive activities, and an exciting quiz, we will uncover the secrets to effective communication. Discover the importance of clear pronunciation and expand your vocabulary, as we delve into the art of listening comprehension. Get ready to sharpen your skills, enhance your understanding, and become a confident communicator. Are you eager to embark on this enriching journey? Let's dive in and unlock the power of listening and speaking!

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1. Which of the following words is pronounced differently from the others?
2. What is the correct pronunciation of the word "schedule"?
3. Which word has a different meaning from the others?
4. Which word matches the definition "a large, carnivorous feline mammal"?