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G2EA: 004 - Identifying Consonant Blends in Spoken Words.

"The Enchanted Journey of Words"

Welcome to the enchanting world of listening and speaking! In this sub-topic, we will explore the fascinating realms of pronunciation and vocabulary. Get ready to unlock the secrets of clear and accurate speech as we dive into the art of pronunciation. Discover the power of intonation, stress, and rhythm in conveying meaning effectively. Expand your vocabulary and learn new words to express yourself with precision and eloquence. Engage in exciting activities that will sharpen your pronunciation and enrich your lexicon. Test your skills with a thrilling quiz at the end to see how much you have learned. So, join us on this captivating journey as we unravel the mysteries of pronunciation and vocabulary in the realm of listening and speaking!

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1. Which consonant blend is found in the word "splash"?
2. What is the consonant blend in the word "street"?
3. Which consonant blend is heard in the word "brush"?
4. What is the consonant blend in the word "twist"?