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G2EA: 009 - Exploring Consonant Blends in Reading Genres.

Nia and the Magical Consonant Blends: A Journey of Language and Friendship

Step into the captivating world of listening and speaking, with a specific focus on pronunciation and vocabulary. Explore the magic of language as we unravel the secrets to articulating words and expanding our lexical horizons. In our journey, we will uncover the artistry behind effective communication, enhancing our ability to express ourselves confidently. Delve into engaging stories, comprehensive notes, interactive activities, and an exciting quiz that will put your newfound knowledge to the test. Get ready to unlock the power of pronunciation and vocabulary, igniting your passion for language and opening doors to endless possibilities. Let's embark on this thrilling adventure together!

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1. Which of the following words has a consonant blend at the beginning?
2. What is the correct pronunciation of the consonant blend "bl" in the word "blue"?
3. Which word has a consonant blend at the end?
4. How many words can you identify with the consonant blend "gr"?