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G2EA: 007d - Confident Communication Using Learned Vocabulary.

The Whispers of Words: Nia's Adventures in Language

In this exciting journey of listening and speaking, we will focus on the enchanting aspects of pronunciation and vocabulary. Get ready to discover the art of effectively communicating through words and sounds. Dive into the story, where you will witness the power of eloquent speech and the impact it can make. Explore the notes, where valuable insights and techniques await to help you master pronunciation and expand your vocabulary. Engage in thrilling activities that will enhance your linguistic skills and make learning enjoyable. Finally, put your knowledge to the test with an exciting quiz that will challenge your grasp of pronunciation finesse and lexical mastery. Get ready to unlock the secrets of confident communication and embark on a transformative language journey!

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1. Which word starts with the same sound as "sun"?
2. Which word ends with the same sound as "fish"?
3. Which word has the same sound as "book"?
4. Which word has a different sound from the others?