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G2EA: 005 - Expanding Vocabulary through Theme-based Learning.

"The Magical Journey of Words: Exploring LingoLand"

In this sub-topic of Listening and Speaking, students will explore the fascinating aspects of Pronunciation and Vocabulary. They will learn how to accurately pronounce words and sounds, enhancing their ability to communicate effectively. Through engaging activities and thought-provoking exercises, students will develop a wide range of vocabulary, expanding their language skills. The accompanying story will captivate their imaginations and provide real-life examples of the importance of pronunciation and vocabulary in everyday communication. With the knowledge gained from the notes and activities, students will be able to confidently express themselves and understand others. Finally, the quiz will test their understanding and allow them to showcase their newfound skills. Get ready to dive into the world of Pronunciation and Vocabulary, and discover the power of effective communication!

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1. Which word starts with the "sh" sound?
2. What is the correct pronunciation of the word "elephant"?
3. Which word ends with the "ing" sound?
4. Identify the word that has the "ch" sound.